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Employment Has Changed

Are you struggling finding employees who take pride in their work, show up on-time ready for the day, and who have a positive attitude? Or any combination of those characteristics? Employment has changed. In today's competitive employee market, employers have to do more than ever to attract and retain talent.

So, what about employment has changed? Wouldn't you say that most people make their decisions for work based on what's going on at home? The evident rise of demand for housing, food, clothing, and all kinds of services has driven up the price of supply to unreachable areas, for many. This effect of supply and demand has inflated prices drastically for everyday needs - and the concerns of most people are primarily focused on affording a quality life at home. A quality home life means more than just a higher income. For many this looks like having access to quality healthcare, having the back-up insurance for when things go wrong, and obtaining reliable childcare. What else can be provided to those who turn their whole day around to make sure you and your customers are taken care of? We would love to hear what's been working for you!

Perfect Doesn't Exist

Ohio Janitorial Solutions offers the "Not Perfect Guarantee." Everyone wants perfection, but it doesn't exist. If perfect people existed - they would be unaffordable. If you're good with choosing a company that experiences imperfections now and then, but makes it right every time, we might be the right people for you. Let's chat -> (419) 496-1051.

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