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Winter Floor Care Tips

Ohio: Salt Life? If you're from Northern Ohio... then you know the road salt game is no joke around here. Lately, our team has been working tirelessly vacuuming and cleaning up our client's rugs and facility entrances - in what seems like a never-ending venture. But what if it was just left behind? What if you didn't have a magical Ohio cleaning company to help you stay on top of the issue?

Protecting Your Floors

Road salt is comprised of chemicals that can and will easily damage your finished flooring surfaces like ceramic tile & grout, hardwood floors and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile). The longer salt sits on your flooring surfaces, the more likely it is to mar the surface of your tile and hardwoods especially. Since grout is a porous surface, these chemical can penetrate over time.

Identifying Salt on the Floor

Don't assume if you can't see white marks or chunks of salt granules on you floors, there hasn't been any salt residue. Instead of a white stain, some chemical formulas of ice melt leave a sticky, transparent slick film.

Use a Neutralizing Cleaner

If you see or feel dissolved salt on the floor, you will need to use a special cleaner to remove it. Salt is alkaline, which means that normal cleaning products, which have a neutral pH, will only spread the alkaline salt around without removing or dissolving it. To make matters worse, since the salt residue is sticky, it attracts dirt as well. Instead of using your ordinary cleaning solution, switch to a neutralizing cleaning agent that will change the pH of the salt.

What If My Floor is Not Regularly Cleaned?

Deep cleaning may be a suitable option, to get you caught up. Call for a Free Quote to maintain your floor's shine and resilience. Ohio Janitorial Solutions, LLC - Serving Seneca, Hancock, Erie, Huron, Lorain, Medina & Southern Cuyahoga County. +1 (888) 808-0156.

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