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We Believe In First Impressions

First Impressions

Have you ever walked into a place of business and been distracted by messy housekeeping? The businesses that may have just occurred to you are probably retail spaces like car dealerships, mobile phone stores or other retail businesses that have a lot of foot traffic. Not only are these spaces well-trafficked, they also are businesses you tend to spend a lot of time sitting and waiting for your transaction to finish. It can take hours for a deal to be completed in a car dealership, which means customers are sitting there and paying attention to every detail. The same is true in other retail spaces like cellphone stores. With customers switching phones, transferring photos and files, the process can take some time. These businesses focus on high-frequency cleaning routines to keep their space shining for each customer's experience.

Cleaning Regimens

Entrance: The entrance of your business is what sets the tone for visitors when they arrive to your place of work. Not only should the area be clean, (no cobwebs, vacuumed/swept, clean floors and woodwork/trim, clean glass, dust-free, fingerprint-free, etc.) it should also be tidy. Rugs should be straightened, chairs aligned, surfaces neat and organized.

Restrooms: This may seem common sense, but the cleanliness of your restroom is all in the details. Cleaning stalls isn't just in wiping down the doors and door handles. It's also making sure the bases get lifted and cleaned, staying on top of the dust that sits above the the unit, and cleaning in between of the connecting pieces. Toilets and urinals should be fully cleaned every time, working from top-to-bottom starting at the top of the tank and finishing at the base. Rings start developing around the base of the toilet if this simple task isn't completed. All of these detailed areas in the restroom are noticed by your employees and visitors.

If these are issues for your business, and would like to get them resolved. Call Ohio Janitorial Solutions today @ (419) 496-1051.

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